5 Steps to put your music on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes, Beatport, etc…

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A lot of people ask me this, so it’s time to do a post explaining …

And I’ll start here from the basics, otherwise, you’ll have a lower quality song than the other songs posted there, which is not cool.


1-Record and mix your music correctly.

It’s no use having the coolest music in the world inside your head or recorded as a demo.

You have to record it with quality.

Choose a good studio if you are a band or solo artist who needs other musicians, record with qualified people, make a cool arrangement and well thought out.

If you are an artist/producer, use a quality DAW (Pro Tools, Live, Logic, Cubase)  with great sounds.

Listen to the music in good quality speakers, in various places (studio, car, friends house, at home) and be sure that you have accomplished the result you wanted.

Made it? Okay, that’s the beginning.


2-Master your music.

Mastering puts your music at the same level as the sound quality of all other music in the world. Volume, sound mass, loudness, bass, treble, compression, etc.

Everything in the mastering happens so that your music gets better still.

Want two tips?

1-For quick mastering I use Landr’s services.

But the paid version. That free version mastered in mp3 is not for you to upload your music to the digital platforms.

It has to be WAV 44/16.

It is not the best master service, because it is automatic and the logarithm is very simple (although it evolves constantly), but it’s surely a good start.

2-For professional mastering I contract, obviously, a professional.

Talk to Betho Ieesus from Suntrip Studio and say you’re my friend. He mastered for some of the greatest Brazilian artists and record companies, has a good and reasonable price, asks you for a reference of how your music should sound (listen for some related bands and show him an artist that you think sounds similar to yours) and send the master already with everything packed and ready to upload.


3-Register your music.

You can’t upload your music to digital platforms if you are not the owner of your music.

And how do you prove that you own it?


Register the song!


International Standard Recording Code

To do this, you have to be an affiliate in some association of musicians. Try ASCAP. But there are several others, worth some research.

They give you all the step-by-step instructions for registering, generating the ISRC and having all the documentation ready.

PS_If you don’t want to go through this whole process, digital record companies can do that. They generate the ISRC and everything, but the ISRC comes out on their behalf. I do not think it’s cool. I think it’s important to have my songs recorded on my behalf. But that’s me …


4-Upload your music to digital platforms.

You can’t do this alone.

You can’t create your own account inside Spotify and upload your music for everyone to listen to. So you have to use the services of the record companies specializing in the subject.

I’m not talking about Warner, Universal, Sony, these big ones who sign contracts and have a whole selection process.

I’m talking about OneRPM, CD Baby, Tunecore.

These record companies are 100% focused on picking up artists like us and putting on digital platforms. Most of them charge nothing for this but charge a percentage of the plays of your song afterward. It’s the best format for who’s getting started.

The cool thing of these record companies is also that they do everything automated, direct with the platforms, and still give you all the information about plays, sales, etc.

For you to upload an Album (or a Single) just create an account, link with a PayPal account (where you will receive your millions of dollars) and create your first Album/Single.

I use OneRPM, which gives me total support everywhere in the World, is extremely easy to use and upload my music for free to all these platforms here-

Another one I started to use recently was iMusician, which is a very interesting German startup.

The concept is exactly the same as the others, but they give you more resources to manage the copyright (still understanding how, will update soon).

In addition, they distribute it to Beatport. That is, if you make electronic music, it is the best option to go.


Spend a little money to get your music to sell also through the iTunes Music Store and for OneRPM to monitor your music on YouTube and Soundcloud.

Important put to sell on iTunes. It is the biggest music shop today and people are there to buy it.

It is important to monitor YouTube and Soundcloud too. Each play of your music on these platforms counts a play on OneRPM that turns to revenue at the end of the period.

Another tip on YouTube and Soundcloud.

When you upload the song to OneRPM (for example) it goes to all those platforms listed in the image above.

And you’ll also upload on YouTube and Soundcloud, separate from OneRPM, into your personal account.

But the song is already registered with OneRPM, right?

Then you will get a message that the song is from OneRPM.

YouTube does not ask you to do anything, it’s just a warning.

Soundcloud will block your music and send you a warning email. Don’t freak out! Contact OneRPM and talk about it. They release you in a few hours.

And a final tip.

Just upload songs that are 100% yours.

Do you have any sample, excerpt or quote from any other music? Ask for release before direct to the artist or record label. That costs a lot, but it solves a huge problem of taking a lawsuit later for misuse or even plagiarism.



After all the process is done, it still takes time for the songs to be everywhere.

And each platform has its timing.

At Apple Music it will show up in 3 days at the most.

In Deezer in 4 days.

On Spotify in 6 business days.

And so on.

Then schedule yourself in advance for the launch. Take that time there.

Think of 2 weeks for everything to be running 100%.

The result is this one (my album Commute on some platforms) –




6-Send me your music.

Did you like the post and did everything I said here?

Post your music in the comments.

The ones I think are cool, see post here on the blog and in Medium.


Have fun!