An experiment with Artificial Intelligence

Por admin

Last week I’ve posted about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and got even more interested in how things work and how to create music with this.

Both texts are in Portuguese, but you can check them HERE and HERE, using your favorite browser translator.

Also, during the whole week, I’ve been listening to some Ambient music here at the Riverside Studios, created by the amazing Oliver Laib.

He created this to be played during the day at the internal speaker’s system we have, to keep people relaxed and invigorated but also created it in a way that’s really made for ambient. No harsh sounds, no different patterns. Just plain and calm chords with some bubbling sound in the middle.

Finally, I’ve been studying ASMR. The concept, the recordings, the ideas behind it. I didn’t get into the tingling for this production, but I got into the concept of hearing nature and environment sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere.

So, I’ve just connected the three ideas (AI + Ambient Music + ASMR) to create a whole new experience for relaxing music album.

To understand:

AI created a Theme and a Sub-Theme.

-I turned it into Ambient Music (the choice of sounds, the bpm, the vibe and mood, added chords and bass).

-I added some nature sounds under the music, to make it even more relaxing.

And here’s the result:

9 songs with different ambiances (beach, brooks, wind, rain, forest, lake, etc), with different moods (but always uplifting and positive), all created from an original idea coming from AI. No harsh sounds, no weird patterns, no distinguishable rhythm.

And the same 9 songs in Chillout/Lounge remixes, to listen everywhere.

Have fun. Or meditate. Or go to sleep listening to it. Or chat whit your friends while listening to the Remixes.