Artificial Intelligence Vol.2 (feat. Chatbot Chieko)

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New album available.

Using the studio as a Laboratory for innovation, you can hear what happens when Artificial Intelligence generated Music meets the Human Brain. 

Melodies and harmonies by the Neural Network. 

Vocals by Artificial Intelligence created singer Chatbot Chieko.

All musical concept, arranging, mixing and editing created by human hands.

Videos made @ https://lab.masterofshapes.com/tumblrmvg/

(some images are NSFW)

Check it also on Soundcloud

That’s it! Hope you like it!




PS_If you’re curious about the Vol.1 of the Artificial Intelligence, here it is. Chillout mixes of music created with Artificial Intelligence using Nature Sounds for deep relaxation, sleep inducing, music therapy, Pilates, Yoga, meditation, massage, healing, study and good dreams.