Attention DJs, Remixers, Videomakers and Animators!

Recently I released one album and now it is 100% open for remixes and video creations and animations.

First, listen to the whole album here, track by track:

Or here, all mixed:

Did you like some track and believe that you can do something cool in it?

Complete this form so I’ll send you the parts of the chosen song (for remixes) or the whole song (for video/animation).

Great remixes and cool videos will be mastered and released.

Everyone who has its project chosen takes 50% of their songwriting remix (registered through ABRAMUS, the Brazilian Musician’s Association, for ISRC purpose).

Every 4 remixes that are ready, I’ll release a single on all digital platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes Music, YouTube (for videos), etc).

For videos, I’ll upload them to YouTube and Vimeo.

I just will not put it to sell in the iTunes Music Store, sale only through ONErpm’s website.

Have fun!





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