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I started my career as a music producer in the 90’s.

1991 was the exact year that I co-signed one of the first hip-hop singles in Brazil and also, subsequently, one of the first hip-hop albums there.

Producing music is a great job and it makes you listen to lots of music.


You need references, you need to know what other artists are doing, you need to connect ideas and understand why some songs are more successful than others.

And comparing the music production of today from the “age” I started this, lots have changed.

Back in the 90’s, it was difficult to listen to different types of music, getting different references, discovering new artists. We needed to travel, to go to specific places, specific clubs, record shops, etc.

Radio, TV, films and so on were ruled by 5 or 7 major companies that dictated what we could and should hear and consume.

That’s no surprise that the 80’s and 90’s were the eras of the Mega-Popstars, the ones that “ruled it all” and everybody knew. Of course! Those artists had a huge machine behind them, lots of money and advertising involved. Those 5 or 7 companies really ruled our musical taste by then.

Nowayads things have changed.

Although we now have access to every single piece of recorded music from all times, we still have some kind of “interference” when it comes to discovering new, fresh and real local music from real artists.

Yes, you can find that exclusive record from the 50’s in a matter of seconds and listen to it on your mobile. Yes, you can also listen to the latest release of your beloved artist with 2 or 3 touches of your thumb on your preferred music platform. But only if you know them already.

All digital platforms are somewhat biased due to commercial interests (which is ok since they are businesses and need to generate revenue), so what we actually hear there as recommendations are still based on those 5 or 7 big companies (that eventually merged into 2 or 3).

Try to get into any of these platforms and search for really fresh and different music. You always get into those 30 names which are sponsored by those big companies. Try to search by genre, for a change. You’ll get a list of those 30 artists. Separated by genre.

And that’s it.

So, what if you really want to hear fresh and different music from anywhere in the World, you need to get to some dark and obscure websites, right? Not quite.

Meet Clang Music.

It’s a platform where real artists from real places and that are actually doing really fresh music upload their own songs and albums. Without the interference of those companies.

So, if you want to hear what’s happening in the music scene in Mali, for example, you can get into Clang’s map and find the real artists from there. Not the ones the companies sponsor on other digital platforms. The real ones.

It’s awesome.

You won’t find Beyonce, Rihanna, Bieber or any other artist from this select group. You can easily find any of them on any digital platform.

What you’ll find there is fresh music. Real music played by real artists. And you can search by genre, country/city, instruments and year.

And it’s a game changer for everybody.

For the artists, it is a platform that helps them “spread their word”.

For the listeners is a place to listen to new and intriguing music.

For a music producer like me, it’s a place where I can get references and understand more about the amazing multitude of rhythms, instruments, and styles happening all over the World.

You should definitely give it a try.

Your music taste will evolve and change to a broader sense of what music is about.







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