Cyberdelics – VR/AR psychedelic Art experiments

Cyberdelics experiments are based on Timothy Leary’s LSD experiences formatted for VR and AR.

Miguelangelo Rosario designs all visuals and concepts, and Billy Mello adds the sounds/music.

The result is an immersive experience where the viewer has the sensation of floating in a psychedelic place. When removing the VR goggles, the experience lingers in the real world too.

Feel free to move your mouse inside the videos below. Click and move left/right for 360 views, scroll in/out for distance changes.

The AR versions are the same, but use Artivive, an app designed to “read” the image and create the moving visuals on your mobile device.

This is a static image that Artivive can scan.

This is the result you can watch on your mobile (iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets).







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