Holodance – Music for VR Game

Based on the OSU!-Beatmaps, a huge success in Japan, Korea, and China, Holodance comes as a dance VR experience through Steam.

The game is developed in Unity3D and consists of 12 levels in which the player dances and collects Orbs to get as many points as possible.

The Sheipz Remix of Caipirinha is the first song of the first level, and Immediate Termination was specially designed for Level 10. Also, 2 more remixes were made to enhance other level’s experiences.

Each song is separated into stems and integrated into the game, so each part of the song can be used as an Orb emitter.

Caipirinha - 

Immediate Termination –

Early Access version on Steam.

Company – Narayana Games (Munich, Germany)

Lead Developer and Project Manager – Jashan Chittesh

Producer – Mirimah Münch

Art Direction – Samuel Hajek

Character Animation - Hiren Shah

Music for Level 01 – Maestro Billy & Sheipz

Music for Levels 02, 03 – Efe Tozan (Maestro Billy Remix)

Music for Level 10 – Maestro Billy

Quality Assurance – Adrien Laurant






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