One Hit Wonders. Do you remember?

One Hit Wonders.

Bands that were great. But just once. One song. One smash hit. And that was it…

Take a listen. Which one of them can you remember? And, most important, is there someone missing here?


-Happy Birthday

The Ultimate One Hit Wonder by Parry and Mildred Hill, it is a major hit since 1893. The family (and Warner Bros) made millions and millions of dollars over this single song. Now it is in public domain and people can sing it anywhere without paying copyright money for them.

-The Knack – My Sharona 

One of the biggest One Hit Wonder of all times. From 1979 until today, people still sing and listen to this song as if there’s no tomorrow. Fun, uplifting, simple yet effective.

-Toni Basil – Mickey

Major League One Hit Wonder. All time favorite for parties and get-togethers. Almost the same beat pattern of My Sharona.

-Katrina and The Waves – Walking on Sunshine

Keep the beat up!

-Yello – Oh Yeah

From Ferris Bueller to the World. Custom made for that Ferrari scene in the movie, the German composer/singer Dieter Meier made millions with this song, not only from copyright but also from investing the money wisely after the success.

-Patrick Hernandez – Born to be Alive

From Disco times till today.

-Lipps Inc – Funkytown

Another one from 70’s Disco. 1979. Shrek used it. Friends. South Park. Nissan and Volkswagen commercials. Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Central games did it too.

Even the Iranian Olympic Delegation used the song for entering in the opening ceremonies of 2006’s Olympic Winter Games.

-Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

Workout song for every generation since the 80’s.

-Nena – 99 Luftballons

Another from the 80’s. The English version was a huge hit.

-Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

Major hit that later got framed on copyright issues regarding the usage of Queen’s “Under Pressure” bassline. It was the beginning of heavy sampling, and Vanilla Ice and his producers alleged that they played the bassline once again, it wasn’t a sample. Anyway, it was a copy, and now Brian May and Freddie Mercury show as authors of this smash One Hit Wonder.

-Las Ketchup – Ragatanga

Re-recorded all over the world, One Hit Wonder with some special moves included.

-Los Del Rio – Macarena

The Spanish duo was struggling their smash hit since 1962 and finally made it in 1994.

-Baha Men – Who let the dogs out?

Who? Who? Who? Who?

-EMF – Unbelievable

It’s unbelievable! Their album Schubert Dip from 1991 is ok, there are more good songs in it. But the real hit was only this one…

-Spin Doctors – Two Princes

Love this song. A Pop mix of grunge and 90’s TV commercial music.

-Technotronic – Pump up the Jam

Thinking about 90’s dance music, there are lots of One Hit Wonders.

This was one of them.

-Corona – The Rhythm of the Night

This was another one.

-MC Sar & the Real McCoy – Another Night

And another one from the 90’s

-Right Said Fred – I’m too Sexy

I swear it is the last one from the 90’s Dance.

Actually they had also “Don’t talk just kiss”, but it didn’t reach the highest position in charts…

OK, enough with the 90’s Dance movement…

-Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

-Soft Cell – Tainted Love

Great song, but already a re-recording of Gloria Jones from 1964.

The One Hit Wonder of the 80’s:

The original from the 60’s:


-Morris Albert – Feelings

From the 70’s, one of the most re-recorded songs of all times.

-Psy – Gangnam Style

Almost 3 billion views. I rest my case…

And what about you? Who do you think should be on this list? Please comment!






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2 respostas para “One Hit Wonders. Do you remember?”

  1. Avatar de trottta

    I never knew “Tainted Love” was from the 60’s! I loved the original version! Already added it to my spotify. 🙂

    1. Avatar de admin

      Great idea! Will create a “one hit wonder” playlist in Spotify.
      Glad you liked the post.

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