Dragon Orb – VR puzzle game.

VR experience developed by WaVR from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Made in Unity3D using room scale properly over various VR enabled devices, the game consists of 55 levels of puzzles, where the player needs to get as much Dragon Orbs as possible, in order to advance.

The physical limitations of a human person were taken in into consideration when developing the Game and the Music to create an immersive and fun experience without causing nausea or for that matter be too slow and boring.

Estudio Mellancia developed all Music and Sound Effects, based on Harmonic Chaining concept so that the player always feel compelled to go further and the game always sounds interesting.


And here are the 3 basic songs that are harmonically chained to each other.


And here’s a review from NewsWatchTV

Dragon Orb on Steam

Company – WaVR

Lead Designer – Patrick Zayas

Senior Developer – Samuel Zayas

Lead Developer – Johannes Norneby

Project Manager – Thomas Wingate

Business Developer – Daniel Benitez

Sound Effects & Music – Billy Mello






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