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  • Sfear & Stereo – The VR music experiment – 360 Audio available in all Music Platforms!

    Sfear & Stereo – The VR music experiment – 360 Audio available in all Music Platforms!

    After the release of my Sfear & Stereo album, with both Stereo and Spatial audio mixes of the songs, now it is time to create an even different way of delivering music, using Unity. The idea here is to show the different instruments separately so that the viewers/listeners could understand what and which musical instrument…

  • Beat the Rhythm – new VR game coming soon – First look

    Beat the Rhythm – new VR game coming soon – First look

    Beat the Rhythm is due to Q3 2018, but here you can check a quick preview of what’s to come. According to a friend, it’s a mix of Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, and Audio Shield. All in one game. I’m creating the Music for it, and the concept here is to create something that’s fun,…

  • Virtual Reality – Ao Balanço do Pandeiro inside Unity3D

    Virtual Reality РAo Balan̤o do Pandeiro inside Unity3D

    Spatial Audio example inside Unity (use headphones) Each moving Spectrum is one instrument of the song, and you can teleport inside the scene using HTC Vive’s controllers. For the full song and album – https://spoti.fi/2Lk9piw Soon available via Steam. Cheers,   Billy

  • Sfear & Stereo in VR

    Sfear & Stereo in VR

    The amazing VR graphic artist Miguelangelo Rosario did some cool animations for my new album, Sfear & Stereo. You can check all of them at his page – HERE And here’s an example of the amazing work he did with Every Day and Every Night. Use your Cardboard or any VR device to watch. Or…

  • Sfear & Stereo – A new album with Spatial Audio.

    Sfear & Stereo – A new album with Spatial Audio.

    Here’s my new album. Sfear & Stereo. My goals this time, in contrast with my last album, were two: 1-Create music with voice and at least one common instrument for all songs. 2-Use Sfëar, a new plugin to spatialize every music. First, let me explain about the Cover Art, which plays an important role in…

  • New Binaural Album preview – Oh Yeah, Uh Yeah.

    New Binaural Album preview – Oh Yeah, Uh Yeah.

    New album mixed in Stereo and in Binaural, using Sfear as the plug-in for high excellence Spatial positioning. A snippet of the first song mixed in binaural, that will be available soon at Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Gnarles, Clang, and many others. Use your headphones! More info about Sfear – https://sfear.com/ https://soundcloud.com/billymaestro/new-binaural-album-preview-oh-yeah-uh-yeah   Cheers!   Billy

  • Vonderland – Interactive and Multi-Sensory VR

    Vonderland – Interactive and Multi-Sensory VR

    After more than 1 year we finally delivered a steady and fun VR experience with lots of differentials than a regular VR experience people are accustomed to. Vonderland. First, there’s the multi-sensory part. Vonderland is multi-sensory in a way that few other experiences are. -It is a haptic full body experience, meaning that you can…

  • Dragon Orb – VR puzzle game.

    VR experience developed by WaVR from Gothenburg, Sweden. Made in Unity3D using room scale properly over various VR enabled devices, the game consists of 55 levels of puzzles, where the player needs to get as much Dragon Orbs as possible, in order to advance. The physical limitations of a human person were taken in into consideration…

  • New VR Game – Dragon Orb

    I had the pleasure of working on this Swedish project, and here are some notes about Audio for VR, especially for games where the sound isn’t the main thing. Dragon Orb is a puzzle VR game. Or, copying the explanation at Steam:   Dragon Orb is fast-paced arcade game where you are challenged to smash together…

  • Europe VR Days 2017 – What’s new?

    So, for the third time, I went to Amsterdam to check what was going on at Europe VR Days. The first event in 2015 was great but still small. The second was really great and evolved a lot from the first time. This third year was an awesome experience, not only for learning new things…