High Fidelity – Second Life in VR

This week I was at Europe VR Days in Amsterdam and saw the presentation about High Fidelity.

And the presenter was Philip Rosedale himself, the co-creator of Second Life and now co-creator of High Fidelity too.

High Fidelity intends to be what Second Life was, but in Virtual Reality.

Do you know that Second Life still currently has about 20,000 daily visits and generates net revenue of a few billion in 2016?
So, I did not know either…

High Fidelity intends to be SL with real-time interaction, and with this interaction based on the concept and blockchain validations.
Does it seem confusing?
Yes, it is, but what Mr. Rosedale invented now is a new format for buying and selling virtual products with the security of the blockchain, with the ease of a world currency, but without the obstacles in the process of the blockchain, such as the delay in execution of the purchase by delay in the validation of the transaction by the servers.

Very interesting, he even demonstrated live as the whole process works.

Check it:

In a few months, we will have this new form of VR interaction. Multi-player, generating income and traffic to the platform in a way never before seen.

At least they are numbers that Philip believes, as well as Mark Zuckerberg as well.

They say that we will soon have 1 billion people using VR.

Let’s wait and see…



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