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  • Sfear & Stereo – The VR music experiment – 360 Audio available in all Music Platforms!

    Sfear & Stereo – The VR music experiment – 360 Audio available in all Music Platforms!

    After the release of my Sfear & Stereo album, with both Stereo and Spatial audio mixes of the songs, now it is time to create an even different way of delivering music, using Unity. The idea here is to show the different instruments separately so that the viewers/listeners could understand what and which musical instrument…

  • Virtual Reality – Ao Balanço do Pandeiro inside Unity3D

    Virtual Reality РAo Balan̤o do Pandeiro inside Unity3D

    Spatial Audio example inside Unity (use headphones) Each moving Spectrum is one instrument of the song, and you can teleport inside the scene using HTC Vive’s controllers. For the full song and album – https://spoti.fi/2Lk9piw Soon available via Steam. Cheers,   Billy

  • High Fidelity – Second Life in VR

    This week I was at Europe VR Days in Amsterdam and saw the presentation about High Fidelity. And the presenter was Philip Rosedale himself, the co-creator of Second Life and now co-creator of High Fidelity too. High Fidelity intends to be what Second Life was, but in Virtual Reality. Do you know that Second Life…

  • Automated Pleisure – Live Virtual Reality experience

    Have you seen the creative process within a Virtual Reality experience? The sensational graphic artist Miguelangelo Rosario held this week a presentation inside the AWE in Munich, showing a lot how we can shape a different world in another dimension. Miguelangelo Rosario is the genius behind Cyberdelics. The whole visual experience is his, all the music…