Instamic. A new way of recording audio.

In 2015 at Indiegogo there was this tiny microphone struggling to get funding.


So there I went and made my thing.

Spent some money and helped them funding the production of what was supposed to be a good new and discrete way of recording audio.

The size of the microphone is the size of my thumb, and all capabilities are superb.

48/96 kHz recording. Mono, dual mono, stereo, Mid-Side (180 degrees dual mono with another mono in the middle, for ambiance purposes).

In 48 kHz/Mono recording, Instamic has 14 hours and 40 minutes of recording.

Yes, such big recording time for such this small product.

Instamic can be controlled by an Android/iOS app, wirelessly and ready to use. You can even monitor the recording through your mobile phone, at a distance.

You can even monitor the recording through your mobile phone, at a distance.

Great for VR or 360 Video voice recordings where you need to hide the microphone somewhere, for example.

Yesterday I got it from the mail.

Here are some pictures of the product unboxing:

It comes with a USB cable and 3 quick release clips. Tape, velcro, and magnet.

The magnet clip is really useful for placing Instamic on clothes for interviews or recording as a lavalier mic, without the hassle of cables and connections.

The equipment is really great. Recording quality is awesome and the small size is really impressive.

Check this video to understand more:

And hear what I’ve recorded as examples.

Voice and guitar.

The applications are wide. From voice to instruments, ambiances and also specific sounds that could not be recorded with a regular microphone.

Think of attaching an Instamic to a car and record the sound of the motor while it’s running.

One more video

Simple to use, superb sound quality at an affordable price.

Check more about it at the Indiegogo’s page.

I’ll surely test more to understand all the capabilities of the equipment.

Will try to record a meeting with the Mid-Side format, will try to record voice/instrument with the Dual Mono, and so on…

Really glad I’ve sponsored Instamic in 2015, it will really add up quality and quickness to my recordings.





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