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Last month I was invited by Boris Kummerer, the Senior Industry Relations of SAE Institute, to give a workshop and tell students about my career, my relation with Music, Audio, and the many ways we can work with Audio.

SAE Institute was founded in 1976 and has since grown to become the world’s largest, industry-focussed creative media educator with 54 campuses in 26 countries. SAE’s curriculum has been carefully crafted in consultation with leading industry practitioners to meet the requirements of the global creative media industries. Its focus are – Animation, Audio, Design, Film, Games, and Web & Mobile.

SAE Berlin Campus

And there I went to tell the audience how I started with a degree in Advertising in Brazil and turned into a VR Audio Specialist.

Obviously, I told them also about the span of my whole career as a Radio producer, DJ, TV Musical Producer, Jingle-maker, podcaster etc, etc.

But the main focus was to tell students how broad is the Audio environment.

You can have your degree in Audio and work in a studio. That’s the first option, maybe, for all students. But you can also work on live shows, events, be creative and do some Radio IDs, jingles, produce special products for companies and deliver through a podcast, and so on.

The choices are there.

In the end, I told them more about Holodance, the VR game I did the Music, and they had the chance to test it.

Here’s the pdf of my presentation.


And here are some pictures.

And also a link to an interesting study made by BBC about VR consumers, based on a presentation of Zillah Watson here in Berlin.

I’ve mentioned that as an interesting point for students understand how’s the market and what are the hurdles for it to get bigger and broader.





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